We've been looking at some of the Social Media Statistics for 2013 for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and we thought it may be helpful for you in planning your social media strategy. 
Keep in mind, your social media activity should be in line with your marketing strategy - and ALWAYS remember who your target audience is! With that in mind, here we go: 

  • Clear leader in terms of user base, dwarfing Pinterest (to be fair Pinterest has not been around as long), and double the user base of Twitter 
  • Slightly older user base (between 35-54) than Twitter and Pinterest (between 18 and 35)
  • Leader in e-commerce, with Pinterest growing quickly and coming up a fast second 
  • Users spend approximately 12 minutes on site 
  • Highest female user base, especially if you’re looking to sell online 
  • Strong higher education and high earnings base (valuable in an e-commerce scenario) 
  • Second highest use of e-commerce, second only to Facebook 
  • Users spend over an hour on average on this site - MUCH higher than Twitter and Facebook 
  • Twitter or Facebook is the social network of choice for men 
  • Dominant user age range is 18-35 
  • Users spend approximately 6 minutes on site 
  • Has not embraced a visual aspect into its user experience
All in all, 2013 is sure to be a year of change, which seems to be a constant in online social media. When considering where to spend your social media dollars, be aware of your target audience, set up a strategy and reach out for help when you need it!

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