QR Codes: The future of marketing?

Could QR Codes become the future of marketing?

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are a type of bar code that can be read by taking a photo. Specifically, they're meant to be scanned by smart phone cameras by anyone nearby who has access to this type of technology. If you own a phone that can download apps and take pictures, you can scan QR codes!

Of course, that raises the next question: so what? Why would you want to read a fancy bar code? The reason is because unlike traditional bar codes, QR codes store a great deal more information. This makes them perfect for doing nifty things like connecting the user to a special video on their phone, sending them directly to the right website or giving them a special one-time-use coupon!

Because of the type of information QR codes can store and distribute, they're a perfect fit for advertising. If executed well, they can be a great addition to a more traditional print or public advertising piece. Imagine a magazine ad that mentions entering a contest, only to include a QR code that takes the viewer directly to the contest page. That turns ads into something more than just something to glance at, but instead something to interact with. The most important thing when including QR codes in marketing efforts is to make sure to reward the QR code scanner with something more than a boring sales pitch or a normal website.

For more on the technology behind QR codes, check out Wikipedia. For some more thoughts on the marketing side of QR codes, check out this article: How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business.

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